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Anonyme a dit…

Charlie McDonald
out of the blue
Post Posted 13 Feb 2016 2:26 am
'Rain Still'-- This is the most wonderful video.. watching the rain, while you play from the other room, as if in two different places, but together.
The care you put into it.. so still, meditative, like the others.. very peaceful, personal--
they are tone poems, unmistakably French, sharing moments of your lives together with us.

All your videos put together are like a book of pictures in sound.

I'm so glad you found the Steel Guitar Forum to bring your music to us.. not from far away, but making the world smaller for us,
and also bigger. Je vous remercie.

Nickie et Jacques a dit…

Post Posted 18 Jul 2017 6:24 pm Reply with quote
"Get the sound you want in your head and change what you have until you have something you like."
Jeff Mead is right and Bill Creller also about Jerry Byrd:
Nickie has found her happiness from our duets with her Multiharp Gibson and my Super Chet from Gretsch and our two tube amps.
To each his sensitivity ...

Jacques Gabelout a dit…

Jean Jacques Chardonel a dit:
Joli parcours! Que de souvenirs...

Nickie et Jacques a dit…

Grand merci Jean Jacques: Tu en fais partie!
Fidèlement amical...

Anonyme a dit…

Larry Lenhart

Ponca City, Oklahoma
Poster Publié 26 oct. 2015 18:51 Répondre avec une citation
Wow, c'était vraiment joli et j'ai adoré le Gretsch Super Chet ... J'en avais un juste comme ça ... Chet voulait que Gretsch construise la plus jolie guitare de tous les temps et c'était le design qu'ils ont imaginé ... le tout La vidéo était très bien faite ... J'ai adoré le ton et le toucher de la guitare en acier .... BON !!

Nickie et Jacques a dit…

Thank you Larry !

Great tribute to our Swiss friend Georges Chatagny who introduced us to the great Jerry Byrd. He returned several times to Honolulu for conventions and every time we brought one of his discs. He was also a member of the very active forum.
Nickie recorded some songs of his albums on our
tape and adapted them to his Multiharp ...
She always kept a great admiration for this very Grand Master !

Nickie et Jacques a dit…

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