' Sweet music for dreaming: les vents de la mer


les vents de la mer


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Nickie et Jacques a dit…

La plage de GOAS TREIZ : quelques secondes à vol d'oiseau en dessous de notre nid... Quel bonheur !

Anonyme a dit…

Dennis Smith
Covington, Georgia, USA
Post Posted 23 Oct 2015 1:09 pm Reply with quote
Bienvenue Nickie Jacques et. I amour dela musique vous faites. Beaucoup d'amis a faire ici.

Nickie et Jacques a dit…

Thank you very much Denis! Indeed, the vast majority of complimentary comments about our duets come from members of the US steel guitar forum since 2O15 ... Moreover, since April this year, they are streaming on more than 18O download platforms, or on every continent ...
You can see it by visiting the TuneCore streaming statements here in our blog.
We are proud to be recognized at home, in the undisputed realm of steel guitar!

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