les vents de la mer II


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Bobby D. Jones
West Virginia, USA
Post Posted 5 Mar 2016 4:23 pm NICKIE French Lady Steel Guitarist Reply with quote
Bon Jour. I have listened to several tunes on You Tube of Jacques and Nickie. Your music has a lot of the emotions, phrasing and timing of the French street music I remember from my time in France 1962-64. Played around the outside dining areas of Brassiers and café's. I was in a U.S. Army Engineering company stationed at Ingrandes a few kilometers from Chatellerault. Remember afternoons spent in Poitiers, Tours, Nantes dining, wine and music. Thank you very much (Mercee boukoo) brings back a lot of memories.
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Nickie et Jacques a dit…

dogen shiono

Hi. I'm always waiting for your new video and Beautiful Music!